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Welcome to TopoWiki, a Wiki environment created to pitch, discuss and structure mindsets about 3D modeling, concerning Topology/ Retopology, Stepping, Modeling Operations, Subdivision, Animation, Texturing, etc. The Wiki was initially designed only as a personal tool: Instead of releasing Flash Presentations and Sheets alone, I now can start to map concepts as I go, not worrying about ending up with a closed and finished object. Plus, maybe I find other inquisitive and curious (ok, obsessive) minds on these subjects that feel happy to jump ship and pitch their own ideas and generate discussion.

3D Modeling

The focus here, as a start, is obviously on polygonal modeling, where an intended continuous surface is diced into discreet polygons with a certain topology. The goal here is to gather good references around (tutorials, support images and data, exemplar modeling tools, etc) and rethink both the modeling and the tools itself.


Topology is the study of networks, paths, links and nodes. Although Topology is also used in 3D on Workflows, Node Trees, Rig Hierarchies, etc, it's the modeling part that most motivated the creation of this website. Topology has it's good share on what an animated 3D mesh can handle without breaking visually. Though for now, I personally, have been focused of less practical matters as nomenclature and abstract theories.


A must have for most organic meshes and some inorganic meshes for it's flexibility to use few polygons to define smooth shapes that can de diced to always look continuous in render. There are some aspects of this technology that seem to overlooked that could be approached here.



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